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So far I've made an actual actual friend, and he's a GUYExtreme OMG 
He is really sweet, and he took me out on a date because I gave him copies of the notes I made on the day he missed. :omgomg: At first he said dinner or a movie, OR played a big part, until I went with him that day and he said we were eating and going to a movie. Ermgosh. Tard OMG Emote 
We had a lot of fun, we saw The Maze Runner. It's pretty good but had a really odddddd odd ending. 
It turns out that we have a few good things in common, he plays a game I play (Kindof) We both like wolves, Soul Caliber, dragons, knives/swords, chain mail, and he understands my sense of humor.(Much more things in common I'm sure.) He's a good driver too! I wasn't clinging on for dear life or anything so YAY. trjidsnjdfsij:typerhappy: 
I still find it hard to believe that another living breathing man that I can reach out and touch wants to date me. Of course, I told him I am not looking for a relationship right now, I want to focus on college. I really do want to date him but another reason on why I shouldn't is that I think we should be friends first for a while, then date, or else both of us could end up getting hurt and I don't want to hurt him, certainly since he's my new breathing speaking friend. I need to play it cool though and not be overwhelming and messaging him all the time.
Of course, men are WAY different from women friends... It's crazy.
I can bother my best friend 24/7 but my mom said not to bother him or ask him to hang out with me and that he needs to do it, when on the other hand I can just call :iconquadallae: up and be all 'YO IM COMIN' OVER HOMIE' because she's the most awesome amazing best friend I ever have had and probably will have, because I can't imagine a better best friend that just keeps getting cooler as time goes by. With a man I have to give literal hints like it's a game so he can generate the idea himself and ask it? Is that wrong, should I just shut up and let him text me? He wants to hang out, but what can I go do with him? Gas prices are super high right now it's ridiculous! I dislike driving in new places and I don't want him to have to pay for anything of mine or waste any of his money that he works so hard to earn.
My best friend and I go back and forth when it comes to gas prices, at least I think we do. 
College is going very well, the math is scarily easy, but it does take time and careful moves and reviews. I have to write two essays for two different classes, one is a memoir and I have that one just about finished, the other is a history essay from Abe. Linc. assassination backwards, I don't know what topic to pick on my history paper!
Well, I might post more later or I might not, but for now I need to sleep, so goodnight everyone!


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
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I go by many names online, Few, Cloudra, and Kieva are my most used. I am left handed, and I love to draw, but only when I feel like it. I am a Christian, yes. c: I can do digital and traditional art now. <3 I love to roleplay, mostly on furcadia!

Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Fruits Basket by stomp-stamp Sokka Stamp by Omirl
I no longer play pokemon, sometimes I will, but it is very rare. I do like them though!
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luxray stamp by PFV0-Stamp
I do not hate gays and lesbians, I just don't approve of their actions relating to gay and lesbian.

Personal Quote: Love is like a rose, you must get past the thorns to reach the blossom.

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